Getting The Right Golf Balls To Practice

Close up view of golf ball on tee on golf courseIf you want to improve your golf swing, you need to practice hitting a lot of golf balls. Unfortunately, you may not always have the time to get out to the practice range at the golf course. However, there are practice golf balls that can be used.

This type of golf ball has been designed to be used in small spaces. They weigh less than a regular golf ball and don’t travel as far, but the higher quality practice balls still mimic the feel and flight of hitting a real golf ball. Some of them can be used indoors, and they are also less expensive. The following are some of the best practice balls that are available on the market.

Foam Practice Balls

These bright-colored balls cost less than $1 per ball, but are very durable. Foam balls are well-suited for practicing indoors, but you can use them out in the backyard as well. They fly off the club face very quickly, and with longer clubs can travel more than 40 yards. However, since they are lightweight, you don’t have to worry about breaking a window. One disadvantage that foam balls have is that they don’t replicate a real golf ball’s feel against the club face. So foam balls are better suited if you want to practice swing rhythm or make changes to your swing rather than working on shot-making precision.

The Birdie Ball

This is a new golf product that many people are raving about. It is made out of polymer and shaped like a hair curler or tube. The greatest advantage that the Birdie Ball offers is that it reacts and feels like a real golf ball. So the ball will curve from right to left when you hit a draw, and when you hit a slice it will go to the right (for a right-handed golfer). The Birdie Ball flies up to 50 yards, so you can practice your long game at a park or in your backyard. They do tend to crack after prolonged use, but are still an affordable option at a cost of around $2 per ball.

Almost Golf Ball

Like its name suggests, this is a practice ball that is nearly the real thing. It has a solid core and the outer shell has dimples, so it resembles a regular golf ball. On impact it compresses, and takes flight with the same velocity and spin as a regular ball. However, it is softer and light, so it slows down more quickly and travels only 30-50% of the distance that a real golf ball does. The features of the Almost Golf Ball make is the perfect practice ball for practicing all different types of shots.

Golf Ball On Tee And Driver

Floppy Indoor Practice Ball

This practice ball has been specifically designed to practice your short game indoors. You can work on shots like your pitch and chip shots using the Floppy. It has been designed to roll, spin and react like a real golf ball. However, it is very soft so you don’t have to worry about breaking things inside the house.

With the wide variety of practice golf balls available these days, every golfer should be able to find the best ones to suit his or her needs and budget. So golfers can work on their swing even when there is no time to get to the golf course.